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The Voyage is a fully interactive project with plenty of ways for people to get involved. Whether you’re an amateur performer with a passion for dance and theatre or perhaps would like some experience behind the scenes, The Voyage can offer it. Read on below to see how you can get involved in this once in a life time performance.



Birmingham Hippodrome are the producers of this event and are looking for volunteers for the four nights. There are various roles that are available including site assistants, chaperones, runners, event and artist stewards and media assistants. We are expecting over 5,000 people on each of the four nights to watch the performance and will need people to help on all sorts of things to make this happen. Read More


Your Stories

The Voyage is a story which explores the courage and imagination that prompts people to embark on journeys in pursuit of their dreams. Whether this is through moving house or country or maybe even a job, we want to hear the stories behind your own journeys and what they mean to you. Click the button on the right hand side of this page to find out how you can submit your own story and be featured on The Voyage website.