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First outdoor rehearsals begin for The Voyage

Posted by: Chris Brown on

This week has seen the start of the outdoor rehearsals for The Voyage, and our excitement could hardly be contained. Over 150 performers have spent weeks rehearsing indoors, perfecting their moves on a stage only half of the size of the final ship, mainly due to the indoor site not being big enough to contain the full ship.

But as the first performance night draws ever closer, rehearsals have moved to the more appropriate setting of The Voyage’s ship, outside the Town Hall in Victoria Square. The dancers have breathed a collective sigh of relief as they can finally practise all of their dance moves on a much more suitable stage!

Our expert team have been working every day on the build of The Voyage ship, which stands at over 50ft tall. Here the artists are free to perform and perfect their aerial and acrobatic stunts  and really showcase their talent and abilities.

If you pop down to the Town Hall you might get a sneak peek of rehearsals, but the cast won’t be giving everything away, as there are still many more surprises to come!

Over four nights, The Voyage will tell a spectacular tale of an epic journey, complete with dance routines and amazing acrobatics, while stunning projections will provide breath taking visuals that will complement each routine perfectly.

And so the only question left to ask is; which night will you be joining us?

Make sure you take our poll to let us know.

The Voyage will be setting sail nightly from Victoria Square on Thursday 21st June at 10pm.