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My journey from Saint-Etienne

Submitted by: Carol Paquis on

I was born and brought up in Saint Etienne, in Central France. Having applied to be a Foreign language assistant, I was sent to… Walsall. I left after a year, only to be called back because they hadn’t found a successor.

At the end of that second year, I came across a very interesting young man at a party, but didn’t get to talk to him. Anyway, I went back to France with the idea of settling there. But I had itchy feet and, a few years later, I started applying for jobs around Europe, to be offered one…in Walsall, again. I stopped fighting fate. Five years later, I had a career and was pregnant with my daughter. The father, you might have guessed, was that very pleasant man I had met at that party. He himself is from Coventry, who is twinned with my home town, Saint-Etienne. Is that fate, chance, providence? Nothing in my childhood had prepared me to be who I am today. I can proudly say that I have made my own way in life. Sometimes, after all those years, I still think : This is me, in England!